HALLOWEEN ONLY: Boo Thang Ghost Marshmallows


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Oh hey boo thang! This ghastly ghostly squad of ghouls are here to make all your Halloween treat dreams come true! This squad of 4 amazing ghosts were created with gourmet, high quality mallows. Each one is hand piped to perfection. These make the PERFECT Halloween present, so don’t miss out! Our marshmallow ghosts are the perfect combination of nostalgia and delicious! They are made with our classic vanilla mallows!

Shelf Life: 5 months
Bag Count: 4 marshmallows
Allergens: Gluten free, Nut Free, Preservative Free, Dairy Free

Pure cane sugar, Non-high fructose corn syrup, Kosher gelatin, Kosher sea salt, Vanilla Extract, Food coloring, Cornstarch


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